Road to Race Day

Road to Race Day Update 2

This year I’ve packed my race schedule and I have some time goals that are much more strenuous than anything I’ve had in the past. I have two half marathons coming up in the spring and two full marathons in the second half of the year. Half marathon training is in full swing and the… Continue reading Road to Race Day Update 2


A Letter To The Old Me

In the past year-two years I have changed so much. To the point where 21 year old, college Nikki probably wouldn’t recognize who I am today. And in a good way. I still have some of those insecurities that hung around in the back of my mind, but wow have those voices turned into whispers.… Continue reading A Letter To The Old Me


Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Best Friends: Galentine’s Day Edition

I am so incredibly lucky to be loved by a sincerely wonderful group of friends. I have people I can turn to at any time of day or night, all over the country, who would be there for me in a second if I needed them. And they know for certain that I would always… Continue reading Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Best Friends: Galentine’s Day Edition

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Getting Past the Mental Wall

A common phrase passed around the running community (or any sports/fitness community for that matter) is “hitting the wall”. Specifically a mental wall. That moment when you just cannot get your body to go any further or push any harder. This is when people give up. This is the barrier between reaching your goal and… Continue reading Getting Past the Mental Wall