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Are You Speaking My Language?

In college I was introduced to the concept of the 5 love languages and the personality quiz you can take to find out which of the five is your primary love language. I was thinking about the quiz recently and decided to read the book “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman to better understand… Continue reading Are You Speaking My Language?


Cold Weather Activities

Recently the weather in New York has been freezing cold, unbearable, and all around ugly. The winter is no longer cute once the holidays are over, and it is no longer socially acceptable to over eat mashed potatoes and cookies. Even when it is below 10 degrees outside, the city doesn’t stop hustling and bustling.… Continue reading Cold Weather Activities

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New York City Cookie Spots Ranking

This could possibly be the most important post I ever make…. A definitive list of the best cookie spots in New York City, ranked in order of deliciousness, determined by me. Creating this list has been no easy task and has taken many years to aggregate and rank. I take cookie ranking very seriously and… Continue reading New York City Cookie Spots Ranking