An Open Letter for Mollie Tibbetts

This post is going to be a little bit different than what I normally write, but Mollie’s story hit so close to home, that I felt that it was only right to write about it. I didn’t know Mollie. We live in different parts of the country, in different states, do different things, and went… Continue reading An Open Letter for Mollie Tibbetts

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New York City Cookie Spots Ranking

This could possibly be the most important post I ever make…. A definitive list of the best cookie spots in New York City, ranked in order of deliciousness, determined by me. Creating this list has been no easy task and has taken many years to aggregate and rank. I take cookie ranking very seriously and… Continue reading New York City Cookie Spots Ranking


Go Set Those Goals

Throughout my life, I feel like the idea of setting goals was drilled into my head. Especially in school, we had goals for everything, from what grade we wanted to get in a class to what job we were aiming for post-grad. Everything I did was carefully calculated and executed based on goals that I… Continue reading Go Set Those Goals


Sometime You Just Gotta Run

Yes, running is great. I think I’ve already established that I think running is pretty awesome. But not every run is  just for the fun of it. Some runs aren’t for fun, aren’t for training, aren’t for physical health. Some runs juast aren’t for any  of those things. Sometimes I have to go for a… Continue reading Sometime You Just Gotta Run


Who Are You?: The Tween Magazine Edition

Remember when you were 12 and you would go grocery shopping with your mom, how you would grab the Tiger Beat Magazine and scroll to the quiz section to find out how to define your personality (and who your celeb crush should be)? Well to mix it up and keep it fun, I’m going to… Continue reading Who Are You?: The Tween Magazine Edition