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New York City Cookie Spots Ranking

This could possibly be the most important post I ever make…. A definitive list of the best cookie spots in New York City, ranked in order of deliciousness, determined by me. Creating this list has been no easy task and has taken many years to aggregate and rank. I take cookie ranking very seriously and hope I do my fellow cookie lovers proud with this list. Now, let’s get into the important stuff, the cookies:

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  1. Insomnia Cookies

Anyone down for a late night snack? Warm, gooey cookies are the perfect fix for any long night or any moment when you need a pick-me-up. These cookies really are yummy, but their convenience is really what puts them on the list. They even make cookie cakes that are perfect for birthdays and special occasions.

  1. La Colombe

Though this is a coffee shop, they make some pretty incredible cookies. Thick, soft, and crunchy around the edges, these cookies are the perfect mid-day treat to help you get past that 3pm work slump. Conveniently placed all over New York, these sweets are a gem that can be grabbed on any day, not just for special occasions.

  1. Schmackary’s

This fan favorite is more than just cookie eating, it’s a lifestyle. Right on the edge of Time Square, Schmackary’s is the best spot for pre and post theatre outing cookies. The fun flavor combinations and convenient location make it a staple for New Yorkers and tourists alike. Though I am normally a chocolate lover, there is little that is quite as delicious as a fresh funfetti cookie from Schmackary’s. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

  1. Ben’s Cookies

These guys are really a special treat. Specializing in “chunks, not chips” the cookies here really go above and beyond. Melty doesn’t even begin to describe it, trust me, go get some. Though not as well known, Ben’s cookies are a true gem and more than worth a visit.

  1. Culture Espresso

This is another coffee shop that has incredible cookies. Can you say butter? Culture cookies are out of this world and put you into cookie coma in seconds. Rich and delicious, these cookies are worth the find. The perfect pair for an iced coffee, this is exactly what you need.

  1. Chip

Chip cookies are to die for! Just the right amount of soft middle with the perfect crust on the outside.You used to have to travel all the way to Queens to taste these beauties, but their second location on 14th street brings these lovely snacks to the masses of Manhattan. But be warned, you have to get them quick! They sell out of the best flavors fast.

  1. Levain Bakery

The top dog, the best of the best, the winner of the New York City Cookie Ranking Challenge has to go to Levain Bakery. I don’t think it’s possible to make a better cookie. These are the definition of perfection. With multiple locations, there are enough cookies for everyone to enjoy. This is a go-to spot when anyone from out of town comes to visit, these cookies are New York at its prime. My personal favorite is the chocolate with peanut butter chips, but you really need to go check them out for yourself!


I hope you liked my ranking and were inspired to go and try a few new cookie spots! Happy cookie hunting!


❤ Nikki


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