I Am The Snack Queen

I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Snacks. Don’t try and test me on this, I am the Queen and that is all there is to it. I could snack all day if I wanted to. I aim to always have snacks with me or the be in the vicinity of snacks at all times. To… Continue reading I Am The Snack Queen


Every Win is a Win, No Matter How Small

Living in the big city, it can be hard to find yourself on the winning side of life. Today, it started pouring rain right as I left the office, and then a cab drove by me too quickly and I got covered in puddle water….. You get the point. So when you find a win,… Continue reading Every Win is a Win, No Matter How Small


I Should Not Be Writing An Advice Column

I am not Carrie Bradshaw. Though, I’m not sure how qualified she was to write an advice column either. I am 23 and working in an exhausting city at my first professional job. I am in that weird in-between spot where I’m not in college anymore, but not yet an adult. I pay my own… Continue reading I Should Not Be Writing An Advice Column


My Fitness Journey

Hi Everybody! A part of getting to know me is learning about how I stay fit and how fitness is such a big part of my life. I'm a long distance runner, but my fitness journey started long before I started running marathons. To better explain this I'm going to go in chronological order: High… Continue reading My Fitness Journey