I Should Not Be Writing An Advice Column

I am not Carrie Bradshaw. Though, I’m not sure how qualified she was to write an advice column either. I am 23 and working in an exhausting city at my first professional job. I am in that weird in-between spot where I’m not in college anymore, but not yet an adult. I pay my own rent, but eat ramen for dinner more than I am comfortable admitting. I am learning how to “adult” as I go and if I can help anyone skip over the mistakes that I have made, well then sign me up. So this is my new space to tell you about the things I have done and the stuff I have tried. I’ll let you in on what worked and what definitely didn’t.

I work for in digital advertising and I spend a lot of time with my co-workers working together in the office and during after hours events. Running is my favorite form of exercise and stress relief, plus I will use any excuse to get outside. I am just a normal working girl trying to make it in the big city…. As cliche as it sounds, it’s the truth. I do not have my shit together in the slightest, but I’m trying and I know there is a large population of others out there who are in as much of the hustle as I am. So here’s to us, getting through the earliest part of adulthood together.

Love Always,

Nikki ❤

The blurry pic below is me at Pace University’s Undergrad Graduation Ceremony… Little did I know that real life was about to hit me like a ton of bricks.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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