Post Race Review: Brooklyn Marathon

Only a few days post race and I am already recovering very nicely. But I am still so excited about my 22 minute PR! It has been a while since I last ran a marathon, so there was definitely room for my training to improve and result in a faster time. I’m going to break… Continue reading Post Race Review: Brooklyn Marathon


Race Week Recap

It’s Marathon week! All the training I have put in over the past six months is about to pay off when I run my third marathon on Saturday. This week is busy, and exciting, and stressful, and so much more. As I get ready to take on another marathon I wanted to share with you… Continue reading Race Week Recap

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Not all Work is Physical

Today is World Mental Health Day during Mental Health Week, so I thought it was only appropriate to write a little something about what goes on in those silly little heads of ours. This post was spurred out of a conversation that I had with a friend today about what self care is and how… Continue reading Not all Work is Physical