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Mastering Your Mindset

Now, it’s very clear that I am in the weird confusing point of life where I’m not sure which direction is up. Some days are great, other days are not so great, and the middle days are a wash of snacks, work, and workouts. In a city as overwhelming as New York, it’s easy to find yourself in a rut. You are either stuck in a boring routine, or just can’t figure out what is going to make you happier. I am no master at this, but having a good mindset about your life can really help change how you perceive your day to day.  These tips aren’t fool proof, but they might get you one step closer to where you want to be.

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  • Say it out loud
    • Sometimes I have to stop myself in the middle of the pity party I’m throwing and say out loud, “I am so lucky to live where I do, to do what I do, and I really do love every minute of it”. Sounds a bit drastic, but saying things out loud has a way of convincing your brain that they are true. Even if every minute is not perfect, there can still be some good found in everyday. A little reminder of that can go a long way.
  • Try not to milk the bad stuff
    • It’s incredibly easy to let a really sucky five minutes ruin an entire day. A bad meeting at work, a rough commute on the subway, getting splashed by a puddle when a car drives too quickly past you on the street. Sometimes unfortunate things happen. Just because you had a bad moment does not mean you had a bad day. And even if you have a bad day and you sum up the entire day into one pile of no-good-nothingness, it still does not mean you have a bad life. Separating the two can be very difficult in the moment, but it is very necessary to mentally break out the bad feelings from the good ones to make sure your mind stays on track.
  • Treat Yo Self
    • If you are feeling down, do something to make yourself feel good. This does not mean you have to go overboard and eat everything in sight or go on a shopping spree (if you do I won’t judge), but you should take time doing something you enjoy. Go for a walk, make your favorite snack, make plans with a friend. Do anything that will give you something to look forward to. Do things that make you happy and you will be in a much better mood all the time.
  • Groupon to feel like a million bucks
    • If you do want to really treat yourself to something special, but can’t quite find the funds, groupon is your new best friend. The best part it, Groupon has totally normal everyday things, but at a discount now you can convince yourself to go do them! Take that dance class, go rock climbing, see that show. Do whatever your heart desires, just get out there!
  • Find new spots in your city
    • This sounds silly, but there will always be something new to explore or try, right where you live. There is no need to travel far and wide to find out what will make you happy, usually the best parts of your town are right under your nose. The new restaurant down the street, or the new workout class around the corner might be just what you are looking for. Try finding a volunteer group that meets in your neighborhood!  There are so many options of activities all around you that you may have never looked for.
  • Go for a run (of course!)
    • Would it be me if I didn’t mention going for a run? Getting your pulse racing and your body moving is some of the best medicine for being in a slump. Endorphins make you happy, and that’s so worth the extra sweat.


❤ Nikki


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