Every Win is a Win, No Matter How Small

Living in the big city, it can be hard to find yourself on the winning side of life. Today, it started pouring rain right as I left the office, and then a cab drove by me too quickly and I got covered in puddle water….. You get the point. So when you find a win, no matter how small, you deserve to celebrate it and all of it’s glory. You got a great comment from your boss? Waffles for dinner! You cleaned your entire apartment on Sunday? Netflix it is. You deleted that email from your ex instead of over-analyzing it and getting sad? Eat that ice cream cone, girl you are a winner! (That last one might have been a little too personal, but you get the point).

The city is full of dreams, and honestly, most of them feel like they are squashed before your lunch break, but that’s OK. You are not alone if you ever feel discouraged, lonely, burnt out, beaten down, or sometimes a little broken. This is a tough city and it takes it’s toll, and sometime it takes more than we are willing to give. But the best part about New York City is that even on the worst days, we are still thriving in a city the most people can only dream about. And that makes those good days amazing. Don’t even get me started on the great days…. I’ve been known to start crying because I think the twinkling city lights are beautiful. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s not ok to wallow in self pity every once and awhile. You need to let yourself experience those shitty moments, because those bad days make the good ones feel even better.

Go out there and celebrate the little stuff, because the little stuff is what makes the big stuff happen.
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