I Am The Snack Queen

I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Snacks. Don’t try and test me on this, I am the Queen and that is all there is to it. I could snack all day if I wanted to. I aim to always have snacks with me or the be in the vicinity of snacks at all times. To further legitimize my snack queenliness, here is an extensive breakdown of the absolute best snacks by category:



Oreos (with peanut butter is preferable)

Reese’s cups

Gummy worms

Gummy bears

Gummy octopi

Gummy sharks

Chocolate covered cookie dough

Chocolate chip cookies

Brownies (with peanut butter is preferable here as well)

Toaster Waffles




Granola Bars

Oatmeal (this can count as a snack too)


Trail Mix






Carrots and Hummus

Celery and Peanut butter

Mixed nuts

Popcorn (without butter)


Subcategory: frozen fruit

Subcategory 2: dried fruit

Hard boiled eggs



These are not all of the snacks that I snack on, but I think it is a pretty comprehensive list of the best ones. Let me know if I missed your favorite one!

❤ Nikki


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