Nikki Math

Because I enjoy running and fitness, but also enjoy ice cream, I live in this weird world when it comes to what I eat. On one hand, I know that eating a healthy/balanced diet will not only make me feel better, but it will make me stronger and faster. On the other hand, food is awesome and if I could cover everything in a layer of sugar and butter I probably would. If anyone ever asks, my favorite food is bread and carbs give me life. I am not the type of person to count calories, or food track, but making sure I am eating properly can become stressful.  Though food is a big part of my life, I don’t want it to be a controlling factor of my life.


This is the perfect dilemma. And I have a perfect solution.


I have created the perfect way (in my mind) to make sure I can enjoying what I eat, but also eat healthy, and this system is what I call “Nikki Math”. The way it works is simple. Everytime you eat something unhealthy (like a chocolate bar for example), you have to eat something extra healthy to cancel it out (like broccoli). At the end of the day you want to reach zero. Ate a bacon, egg, and cheese for breakfast? Have a salad for lunch and something more balanced for dinner. You know you are going to have an extra large slice of cake after dinner? Maybe opt for 2 sides of vegetables with your lunch instead of a side of potatoes or mac-n-cheese. It’s all about balance, and not stressing over the things that make you happy.  


This is a system that has somehow made eating a little bit easier in my head and if anything, maybe it will make you chuckle. But the point is, eat what makes you happy and makes you feel good, and don’t worry about the rest.


Gotta go, I have snacks waiting!


❤ Nikki


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