Who Are You?: The Tween Magazine Edition

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetRemember when you were 12 and you would go grocery shopping with your mom, how you would grab the Tiger Beat Magazine and scroll to the quiz section to find out how to define your personality (and who your celeb crush should be)? Well to mix it up and keep it fun, I’m going to do the 23 year old version of those quiz categories. This time it will be a little less focused around the Sprouse twins, and a little more focused on goals and aspirations. Any of these sound familiar?

The Jock

This is the person who takes sports to the next level. Maybe they did sports in college, maybe they just enjoy being super active. They are always talking about the latest workout class trend and how many times they’ve worked out this week. They take their health very seriously, to the point where they use food as fuel instead of just food. They know all the nearest smoothie spots and which gyms are open 24 hours. All this knowledge makes them the go to person for any and all fitness/health advice, and they are more than happy to spread the love.

The Off-Duty Supermodel

You know the friend who always looks amazing wearing jeans and a tank top? The most basic outfit ever, but they still look incredible? The jeans fit just right, and the tank is slouched in all the right places. They always look effortlessly put together. They are the walking deffinition of “easy, breezy, beautiful”.  They have mastered the skin care routine and natural makeup look. You always go to them for life advice, because someone as put together as them must know all the secrets, right?

The Next President

This is the 23 year old version of “The Nerd”, because we quickly realized this person was brilliant and calling them a “nerd” just felt silly. Book smart doesn’t even begin to describe them. They know all of the things you wish you were caught up on. From politics, to cooking, to where to find the most affordable work outfits, they know it all. How does such a big brain fit into such a perfect head? You admire their passion and drive and how dedicated they are to their careers. They are inspirational and you want to be their friend because their energy is admirable.

The Life of the Party

This person is always having the most fun. Be it in the company wide meeting, or out at the club on the weekend, the party only starts when they walk in. This person is charming as a Prince and as personable as your best friend. They exude confidence with every move they make and have an energy that is contagious and inspiring. You are never sure why, but you always want to be their friend. They just make you feel comfortable and at home in a way that is hard to describe. This person is who you aspire to be and be around.

The Artist

Have you ever looked at someone in awe at how creative they are? It can be from anything. Something they have drawn, painted, sang, acted, constructed, configed, crafted or written. These people see the world from a different perspective that really makes you step back and think. Conversations with them are thoughtful and intelligent and exercise your brain in fun and different ways. They are always keeping you on your toes with new thoughts and ideas and they make you actually think taking a drawing is a good idea.

Actually You

This is actually the best part! Do you now remember why those quizzes never seemed to get you right? Well, it’s because no one fits into some cookie cutter mold.  No one fits into only one of these categories, we are all made up of a unique mixture that no one else has. Some will have a little more of this or a little more of that, but that’s what makes us special. Who wants to be just one thing anyways.

Now did you find anything familiar?

❤ Nikki

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