Find Your Tribe: Women Supporting Women

Let me start this post out by saying I am incredibly lucky.

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I have the most supportive, wonderful friends who remind me frequently how much they all love me. I really hope that everyone can have this in their lives and know that feeling of unwavering support from a group of badass women.  It is truly a feeling unlike any other and one that I would not trade for the world. I know the majority of why I have this group of girlfriends is luck. I am lucky that we all were born in the same year, went to the same high school, or college, and then decided that we would be a part of eachothers lives forever. But, there is a huge second factor into why these women are the ones I have chosen to cling to for dear life. These girls have my back no matter what. And each one of them have proved that to me over the years in one way or another, making sure I know that they are there for me. And I have done my absolute best to do the same for them. Now before I get too mushy about how much I love my friends, let me break down the best ways that I think I can support some of the most amazing women in my life:

  • Be their personal hype man
    • Everyone gets the blues once in a while, and that is why the universe created girlfriends. If your friend can’t get themselves excited about what’s to come, it is your job as the girlfriend to get them excited! It doesn’t matter the occasions. A new job, a date, just a normal Tuesday. You have to be there for them when they need the extra nudge of encouragement.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  • Be a shoulder to cry on
    • On the opposite end of getting them excited, part of being a supportive friend is being there through the rough times too. It’s hard watching your friends go through bad times. But in that moment more than ever your friends will remember how you acted and how you helped them. Letting them be sad and helping them go through their struggles with is pal is one of the best ways to show your friends you care.
  • Be their reality check
    • This is rough. Not every idea is a good one. Not every comment is a good one. This is when it is time to step in and make sure your friends are keeping their reality in check. No, they do not look fat in that dress. No, it is not necessary to call him that. No, your life does not depend on this one moment.
  • Support their crazy ideas
    • Even if their ideas aren’t 100% realistic, or if it isn’t something you would normally go for, you have to support them! As long as the idea is even slightly attainable, you have to support those dreams. (My friend Danielle was the girl who inspired this post! She technically gave me a dollar so I could be #sponsored, lol).  Having the people you admire most get excited about your passions is such an amazing feeling. It is validating and encouraging. It makes you feel like your dreams are possible.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  • Listen
    • This is not the easiest of tasks. It sounds so simple and obvious, oh duh, listen to your friends. But that is not what I’m referring to. This is the kind of listening where you don’t supply an opinion after. The kind of listening where you don’t interrupt midway through to tell a story about how you went through something similar (was it really that similar in the first place?). This is the undivided attention that you give to someone you genuinely care for. This is so important guys. So. Important.
  • No matter how far you are away, be present
    • You gotta be there! Even if you live 3,000 miles away, you have to remind your friends that you care about them and that their love for you isn’t going unnoticed. At the end of the day everyone just wants to be loved and accepted. You have complete and total power to be that person and that feeling for your friends.

I am so thankful to have the best support system of girls both near and far who show their love for me ALL THE TIME. They rock. I couldn’t be successful or even semi-emotionally stable without them. Find your tribe and love them hard, right?


❤ Nikki



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